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Petfluencer – Who is it?

In short, petfluencers, or pet influencers, are people who share the lives of their pets and everyday life together on social media. - However, the main actor of the social media channel is not the human, but the animal. Doesn't sound relevant for businesses at first, but that's deceptive! In 2020, the retail sector generated around 4.5 billion euros in turnover with pet supplies alone - so there is a lot of purchasing power behind this industry and, accordingly, a lot of interest. But of course it's not only about economic aspects and turnover, petfluencers also do educational work regarding the species-appropriate keeping of their animals or are committed to animal welfare. These channels thus combine exactly what users are looking for most on the internet, content that offers added value and animal content. From the very beginning, the internet has been booming with cute dog pictures and funny cat videos. An advantage that Petfluencer and strong brands know how to use.


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Agency for Petfluencer


As an agency for petfluencers, our sphere of activity lies behind the scenes. We pull the strings and mediate between influencers and agencies so that collaborations run smoothly. In addition, we are always on hand to offer advice and support to all parties involved and are always available as a contact partner. In addition to pure mediation, animal influencers can also take advantage of our management support. We support you in realising your goals for your channel, process enquiries, help you with organisation and ensure that you and your animal become even more successful on the social media platforms. We are the right address for all concerns regarding influencers of all kinds.

If you are looking for a cooperation partner from another area like beauty, food, or design, then let us know, and we will be happy to help you!


Famous Pet Influencer

Not only dogs support their owners as Pet Influencers, there are also numerous other animals, such as Mr. Pokee. Durch diesen Instagram Account wurde ein ganz besonderes Haustier berühmt – der Igel. Mit detailverliebter, kreativer Fotografie zeigt die Besitzerin die schönsten Momente mit ihrem stacheligen Instagram-Star. Dem Instagram-Account folgen mittlerweile über 1,9 Millionen Menschen.

Become a Pet Influencer

Your cat or dog already has a certain reach on social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok and you would like to build on this by entering into cooperations with companies or simply increase the reach and size of your community? Then become a Pet Influencer and benefit from our international network and large customer base. We offer you our expertise and skills as Influencer Management - together we will find the perfect solution for your pet and you as a Petfluencer.

Apply now and take advantage of our great job opportunities!

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