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With over one billion active users per month, Instagram is gaining more and more importance every day and has become an indispensable part of the marketing mix. Known as a social network mainly used for sharing personal photos and videos, Instagram has now also become very important for businesses.
The social media platform offers quick access to all types of content with its discovery features. Photo and video suggestions, according to their interests, provide a personalised user experience. Therefore, Instagram offers a great opportunity for brands to develop creative campaigns, reach their audience, showcase their products and increase sales.

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What is important for companies in Instagram marketing?

An important first step for businesses to raise their profile and make products or services available to a wider audience is to switch to a professional account. Once this account is set up, it's about building and using your marketing power on Instagram.

But how does that work?

How do you reach the right target group with so many users? What should you pay attention to in order to achieve the desired result with Instagram marketing and what should you do to successfully implement Instagram campaigns and collaborations?

As an Instagram marketing agency for businesses, we are here to guide you with our experience from numerous successful Instagram campaigns. As a business, benefit from our expertise and let us find the perfect match for your Instagram campaign or become a professional yourself.

Our social media management and influencer marketing experts not only refer influencers to companies, but also coach companies in social media workshops so they can better market themselves. Let us help you strengthen your brand's image on social media platforms by participating in our trainings, courses and seminars.


This is what we offer as an Instagram marketing agency

  • We analyse data and define strategies in line with your corporate values
  • We recognise trends and create content tailored to the target group
  • We package this content in Instagram stories and reels to match your brand and campaign.

Successful Instagram marketing in 4 steps

Choose the right Instagram marketing strategy

The brands that know best what to say and how to say it always win. But what, how and when to say it best is not always so easy to define. The biggest advantage of working with us as an Instagram marketing agency is that we develop a strategy for your business that convinces your target audience of what you have to say. With an efficient and clearly defined strategy for your Instagram marketing and a corresponding roadmap, you will achieve your goals much faster and better than the competition.

Matching with suitable Instagram influencers

After the appropriate strategy has been determined, we take care of the selection of the „Perfect Matches“ – i.e. Instagram influencers who fit the respective target group. Here we work very data-based and, thanks to our tools, we have the possibility to place creators who have good performance values and fit the target group.

Content Creation

Then, for each campaign, we create a unique and appropriate process plan or briefing for the influencers. Here we work with our selected influencers, who create high-quality photos and videos. Throughout the entire process, our Instagram marketing agency is at your side as your personal contact.

Analysing & Reporting

At the end of each of our collaborations, we create detailed analyses and present you with performance-oriented reports. This report, which contains details on followers, likes, interaction figures and campaign contributions, is forwarded to the brand representative and evaluated together. Together we discuss the success of the current campaign and the possibility of a long-term cooperation.

Achieve business goals with Instagram campaigns

To run a successful campaign on Instagram, it is important for us to identify and understand the needs and goals of the business. But what are the needs and goals and what does this mean for the brand? We will explain this to you in the next sections.

Increase brand awareness

Social media trends and techniques are constantly changing and it is our job to constantly follow them. Our social media experts accompany companies and create a boost through individual and concise storytelling that has a lasting impact on brand awareness.

New customer acquisition

No matter how big or small your business is, we focus on maximising the reach of your brand. Among other things, we work with larger influencers who produce high-reach content and generate new customers through the distribution of individual promotional codes, competitions, etc. generate new customers. The goal is to gain the attention of visitors and turn them into permanent customers.

Strengthening the brand position

Through Instagram, brands reach customers directly and have the opportunity to learn about their needs and desires faster and in a shorter time. This is a very short and cost-effective way to both conduct market research and learn about competitors' market situations. As a competitive agency, we not only promote your brand's products and services, but also help you stand out from other brands with similar visibility.

Customer loyalty

Thanks to Instagram campaigns and cooperations, it is observed that brands increase communication with their customers and thus their loyalty. The target group, or followers, value the exchange with the brand and the brand faces very much and are very interested in news, offers etc.
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