A new chapter for us: Strengthening our position through integration with "Boksi.com"

We joyfully announce our integration into "Boksi.com," a leading company in the field of software-supported influencer marketing and content procurement. This strategic move marks an exciting development for both our team members and influencers and clients alike.

With our extensive experience and deep roots in the German influencer market, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with "Boksi.com." The integration provides us access to advanced software expertise, elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of national and international influencer marketing campaigns to new heights.

Influencer Marketing: the influencer GmbH x Boksi.com

About Boksi: Cutting-edge Influencer Marketing Software

Boksi.com is a leading software company specializing in influencer marketing and content creation, offering an innovative platform that simplifies the connection between brands and influencers or UGC-Creators. With over 400 Finnish brands, Boksi.com is dedicated to efficiency and effectiveness through its cutting-edge influencer marketing software.

Laetitia Ecklé, CEO of our agency, emphasizes, "Even after the integration, we will continue to operate under our established brand and now benefit additionally from Boksi.com's technological approach. Our international clients can expect improved campaign precision and detailed insights thanks to the state-of-the-art software. We look forward to a shared future."

Lasse Laaksonen, CEO of Boksi.com, underscores, "The acquisition of 'the influencer GmbH' is a harmonious fusion of strengths. By combining our software capabilities with a deep understanding of the German influencer landscape, we aim to enhance the influencer marketing ecosystem with technology."

The opening of our new corporate headquarters in Hamburg highlights Boksi.com's solid expansion in the German market. Together, we will make a significant contribution to the development of influencer campaigns, simultaneously benefiting from the innovation hub's creative energy.

German brands now have the opportunity to explore innovative paths in influencer marketing through the partnership with our influencer agency and Boksi.com. This collaboration promises an optimal combination of proven expertise and cutting-edge software from Boksi.com, setting new standards in influencer marketing.