TikTok Marketing Agency

Social media is fast-moving and always good for a surprise, which was proven once again by TikTok.

No social media platform has grown as fast as TikTok (formerly known as „Musical.ly“). In the beginning the platform was mainly relevant for the younger generation, the so-called „Gen Z“ (i.e. people born between the years 1995 – 2010). In recent years, TikTok has grown older and now entertains an audience of millions from a wide range of age groups and categories.

The special thing about it: Every creator or every video can go viral, no matter how small the community is at the beginning.

Accordingly, TikTok is also responsible for the Influencer Marketing becoming more and more relevant over time. In the meantime, there are influencers who only specialise in this platform and reach a wide mass with their TikTok videos every day. It is often humorous videos that are particularly well received and generate virality, but recipe videos, DIYs and other exciting videos can also convince followers. Due to the wide range and chances of success, the app offers both a lot of potential and uncertainty for companies. Questions that many of our clients ask themselves in relation to influencer marketing are:


  • What is the best way to present a brand through TikTok?
  • Which marketing strategy is the right one?
  • Which Creators are really the best fit for the upcoming TikTok campaign?

These are exactly the questions we answer as a TikTok marketing agency. Using the current trends is part of our daily mission: As an influencer marketing agency, we are the perfect link between the brand and TikTok Influencer and are at your side as a professional and experienced partner for strategy, consulting, implementation and reporting.


Our social media experts in the area of management and influencer marketing support companies not only in the placement of TikTok influencers, but also in improving their own marketing through workshops. If you want to strengthen the image of your brand on the various social media platforms, then we can help you by participating in our Social media trainings, Courses and seminars to help. Let's bring your brand to success together!

This is what we offer as a TikTok marketing agency:

  • We package corporate values in 9:16 storytelling
  • We derive strategies from data
  • We identify trends and create content that turns products into „Love Brands“.

This is what we include in a TikTok marketing campaign


Achieve campaign goals with TikTok!

For a successful cooperation, it is of course also important for us to recognise the needs and goals of our customers and to achieve them together. To achieve this, we focus on three core areas:
  1. Awareness & Reach
    Influencers know their own community and the platform on which they are active on a daily basis best. Accordingly, it is important that TikTokers are given a lot of freedom so that they can be creative and produce content that generates a high reach.
  2. Performance
    Among other things, high-quality videos can help increase performance on TikTok.
  3. Community Structure
    TikTok is a very fast-moving platform, so in order to build a community in the long term, it is important to focus on short-term content strategies and pick up on new trends as they emerge.