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Influencers from the field of fitness provide inspiration and tips for many people in the social networks, around the topics of sport and nutrition.


Fitness Influencer


Who are fitness Influencers?

For some years now, the hype about optimising one's own body has been booming. Especially at the beginning of the year, many people are looking for a motivator to help them implement their New Year's resolutions. Fitness influencers act as a kind of digital fitness coach. They often create their own workouts or provide information about a particular sport. In the main area of fitness, they often offer a lot of variety and serve different target groups. For example, some of the community want to work on building muscle, while others aim to improve their endurance or body tension - regardless of the direction they want to take: Fitness influencers are there to offer advice and support. In addition to regular workout videos, home workouts are also becoming increasingly popular, and are a great inspiration for those who may not dare to go to the gym or are not financially able to sign up. Fitness influencers have a special responsibility towards their followers, as they stand for a mindful approach to the body and also give tips for a healthy diet. But our influencers do one thing above all: they inspire people to move more - and as we know, that makes people happy!


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Famous Fitness Influencer

More and more fitness influencers are sharing their success stories with us. As awareness of one's own body becomes increasingly important, there are more and more influencers who have made it their mission to educate their followers in the areas of fitness and nutrition. One of the best-known fitness influencers is Pamela Reif, who motivates 8.4 million followers daily on her Instagram profile @pamela_rf. She offers her followers a wide range of fitness and nutrition tips. But Pamela doesn't only motivate her followers on Instagram, you can also watch numerous workout videos of her on YouTube and your living room becomes your own gym. Furthermore, she inspires with her own fitness products that are supposed to contribute to a healthy diet.


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