The meta platform Facebook is one of the social networks that allows the creation of private and commercial profiles and pages to present oneself, companies and groups. The profiles can be networked with each other through friend requests and a messenger enables people to exchange information. In addition, Facebook offers a business application that makes it possible to plae advertisements.

On the profile, visitors can leave publicly visible entries or publish comments on the profile owner’s own posts. Facebook also established the Like  button, which allows users to show when they like a post, this function would be giving a heart when liking a post on Instagram.
Users can also send personal messages and, by keeping a group, have the opportunity to discover and share common areas of interest. In addition, they can invite or be invited to events, which many larger organisers also use to draw attention to themselves and their event.

Meta platforms include Facebook, the picture and video service Instagram and the messenger WhatsApp. Influencer Marketing is often presented on Instagram but also on Facebook – in most cases, several platforms are used simultaneously and work parallel.

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