Case Study # Shoop


Campaign idea: is the leading cashback portal in Germany with over 1.6 million users. No wonder, because through Shoop people get cash back on their online purchases (no loyalty points)! Shoop now has over 2,000 cashback partners, including Lieferando, MediaMarkt, ebay, Douglas, ASOS and many more. Registration on the Shoop platform is free of charge. Users click through to their favourite shops via Shoop, shop as usual and then receive a portion of their purchase value on their Shoop account. The cashback can be paid out from 1 € directly to the bank or Paypal account, among others. There is no data trading, because Shoop finances itself entirely by keeping a small part of the referral commission. In the end, the aim of this influencer campaign was for the creator community to get to know Shoop and learn how they can easily get money back through their online purchases. The goal was to generate as many new users as possible for the Shoop platform through the placement.


In order to explain Shoop simply, we generally decided to use short, concise moving images. The intention: How can users understand what the platform really offers in just a few seconds? As an agency, we looked for influencers who are known for their entertainment factor and can convey the message in an understandable and playful way. Among others, we chose the creator @joanaxslm, who has rapidly gained popularity in recent months, especially through her funny TikTok videos and her likeable appearance, and who has a very strong and loyal community. The numbers speak for themselves.

Challenge and solutions

As with every case study, there were some challenges in the implementation. First, of course, a creator had to be found whose followers correspond to the target group. This means that the community should be predominantly represented in Germany and interact regularly with the creator, so that an engagement rate of at least 5 % is achieved. In addition, the followers must be people who like to shop regularly in online shops in order to take advantage of Shoop. This in turn also means that it had to be ensured that the followers are a genuine community of the creator. Although it is always possible that bots can hide in between, the number of fake followers should be as low as possible.

Of course, there is a solution for every challenge, and so we were able to find a suitable influencer for our case study with the help of an analysis tool, which determines the characteristics of the creator as well as the exact target group through various filter options, a detailed analysis of the insights, engagement rate and reach.


Shoop Joana Report
Shoop Joana Discovery


  • Storyviews +50.000
  • 1000 Link Clicks
  • 333 Registrations
  • Very low cost per lead for the brand
  • Feedback: „Very good, almost exceptional performance“
  • Customer satisfaction & Interest in a longer-term cooperation

In the meantime, Shoop is one of our existing customers and we have already been able to implement numerous successful cooperations with the brand.

Shoop Target group