Case Study # posterXXL

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posterXXL is one of the leading German online retailers for personalised photo products and photo gifts. The aim of the autumn / Christmas campaign 2021: Authentic content that inspires the influencer community to have their favourite moments printed on original photo products and gifts in order to strengthen their interpersonal relationships.


A mix of both micro and macro influencers was used to reach a broad target group as well as to emphasise the proximity to the followers. Each influencer published story sequences & 1x carousel post on their Instagram channel as part of the campaign. The campaign slogan & the hashtag of the same name made it immediately clear what the content was about: #YourMomentYourStory. With this uniform implementation and a 25% discount code per influencer, we generated the followers' interest and willingness to buy.

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Mix aus 13 Micro- & Macro-Influencern
Authentic Influencers from the Lifestyle, Family & Travel sector

Organic Post Impression: +240.000

Likes, Comments, Shares

Total Storyviews +130.000 & + 10000 Clicks

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