Case Study # Grammms



Sometimes it's the small gestures that make life more beautiful - especially when you can use them to bring joy to your loved ones. The personalisable Grammms cards offer this opportunity by allowing you to carry your favourite business card-sized gift with you at all times. Each card contains a 1g 999.9 gold plate, making it a special and precious gift....


At Christmas time, a start-up wanted to publicise its gift idea, but still lacked reach. The goal was to generate more attention and sales.

The Message:
Rules are written with gold, memories are sealed with gold.


In order to present the card in an appealing way and reach potential new customers, the target group was first defined and then a suitable presentation was developed. The main target group was families, which is why a mix of micro and macro influencers was used. This way, a comparison could be made at the end of the campaign.

The cards were presented aesthetically, especially in view of Christmas with matching Christmas decorations.


The campaign was implemented with three talents whose focus was on creating appealing images. In addition, they created a story and offered a customised discount code to bring the brand even more into focus.

The result:

Total Views: +77,000
Link clicks: +500
Average interaction rate: 13

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