Case Study # einFußball


To coincide with the 2023 World Cup, VW @volkswagen.wedrivefootball is launching the #einFußball campaign, sending an important signal in the direction of equality in football. For years, the female national team was overshadowed by the men. This is finally about to change.

VW clearly shows what values they stand for: No matter whether men's or women's football - it is and remains ONE football. To this end, VW also released a TV commercial that shows that football is versatile - just like role models for the younger generations. Who says that female footballers can't be role models?


We were able to reach many people with the different postings and generated a total of several 10 million organic views. Through the high-quality and creative videos, the talents have become brand ambassadors and will continue to stand up for #einFußball in the future.



In order to convey the message #einFußball authentically, also on social media, we came into play as an agency and cooperated with various football influencers. The result is expressive videos on Instagram and TikTok that underline the theme of the campaign.

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