Case Study # BATISTE



Batiste, the number one dry shampoo from the UK, has also conquered the German market for years and is one of the suppliers with the best-selling dry shampoos here. They have now launched a new product: a leave-in conditioner that helps to maintain supple, shiny and easy-to-comb hair between hair washes.


In the summer of 2022, we already ran a successful campaign with Batiste. We were all the more pleased when the client approached us again.
For this campaign, we did not opt for a classic implementation (content uploaded to the influencer's own Instagram page), but the client wanted high-quality videos for their own Instagram and TikTok channel. Therefore, we worked with UGC-Creatorn.

The background:
Higher quality and more attention for their social media channels


As with classic collaborations, we first discussed with the client what their wishes were and how the videos should best be implemented. In the next step, we selected influencers from our portfolio who produce high-quality video content and fit the client's profile. We decided on five influencers from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle sectors.

The influencers were to create two videos (one for each fragrance variant). They were to show how easy it is to apply the foam at home and what the result looks like after application. This campaign is one of many examples of UGC campaigns that we will be implementing more of in the future.


In total, five creators created two videos each, which the client uploaded to their own social media channels.

The result:

Total views: +20,000 (on the client's social media pages)
Feedback: Great influencer selection, high-quality videos and creative implementation!

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