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Your role with us

Als Projektmanager/in bestehen deine Hauptverantwortlichkeiten darin, unsere Kunden in allen Phasen ihrer “Customer Journey” zu unterstützen - von der Einführung (Onboarding) bis zur Durchführung von Kampagnen und dem Geschäftswachstum. Du wirst eng mit anderen Abteilungen, wie dem Vertrieb, zusammenarbeiten, um eine reibungslose “Customer Journey” von Anfang bis Ende sicherzustellen, und mit dem Produktteam, um sicherzustellen, dass die Plattform den Kundenbedürfnissen entspricht. Wir arbeiten in einem hybriden Modell, und diese Position ist in Vollzeit in Hamburg oder Bielefeld zu vergeben.

A few qualities we're looking for in our ideal candidate:

  • B2B customer relationship mastery: We highly value expertise in managing B2B customer relationships, projects and accounts. Your proficiency in leading efficient and effective customer onboarding and customer meetings is crucial. Project management mastery: At times, you may handle multiple campaigns simultaneously. You must be able to observe your campaign portfolio holistically, prioritize, delegate and take action without dropping the ball.
Project Manager Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Proactive initiative and results-driven: Your natural ability to take charge, be proactive, plan independently and consistently deliver impressive results is essential.
  • Adaptability in a dynamic environment: As a small and dynamic company, our environment is ever-changing. We seek a candidate who thrives in such settings, embracing and advocating for change.
  • Team collaboration: A strong team player, you'll join a culture of mutual support and care ♥. We're looking for someone who shares our values and contributes positively to our team dynamics.
  • Influencer marketing and content creation: Experience in these areas is a significant plus, adding value to our diverse skill set.
  • Language proficiency: Fluency in German and English is required. English is our company’s business language, even though most of your customers discuss business in German.


Your role in our team is not just about meeting expectations — it's about exceeding them and contributing to a culture of excellence and innovation.

What's in it for you...

  • Supported professional growth: Experience swift career advancement in an environment that truly nurtures your development. We're committed to supporting you in reaching your utmost potential.
  • Global collaboration: Join a dynamic, international team, bringing together diverse perspectives from around the world.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom of flexible hours, allowing you to balance work and life seamlessly.
  • Welcoming team culture: Be part of a warm and supportive team eagerly awaiting your arrival!

...and also:

  • Learning and team building: Engage in educational workshops and team activities, fostering both personal and professional growth.
  • Special birthday leave: Celebrate your birthday with a day off on us!
  • Quarterly team fun days: Look forward to quarterly team days packed with activities, from massages to padel.
  • Office in the city center: Work in modern office spaces in Hamburg and Bielefeld, equipped with ergonomic tools for your comfort.
  • Annual company offsite: Enjoy the excitement of travelling to a new destination together each year, strengthening team bonds and creating memorable experiences.

 Making a difference: At our core, we aim to revolutionize an entire industry. We recognize that changing the world is a team effort, and we are committed to making that happen together.

 Initiative and adaptability: We're action-takers who start quickly and learn rapidly. Embracing mistakes as part of our journey, we focus on learning from them to avoid repetition. We value boldness over caution, understanding that progress often requires taking risks.

 Working smart: Our approach balances exceptional performance with efficiency. We understand the importance of distinguishing between times when excellence is required and when meeting the 'good enough' standard is indeed sufficient.

 Balancing speed with wellness: We believe in moving swiftly while also valuing the importance of taking breaks. This balance is essential for sustaining our momentum and well-being.

 User-centric focus: Our users - brands, creators, and agencies - are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize active listening, curiosity, and a deep understanding of their needs and desires to ensure that our efforts are always aligned with their expectations.

Celebrating the journey: Our mission to disrupt the industry is filled with challenges, but the collective victories make it all worthwhile. We emphasize the importance of celebrating every win, big or small, recognizing that these moments fuel our journey forward.

How to apply to us as a project manager:

Please send your application and CV: / Subject: "Project Manager“ before 20th of June. We will already begin interviews during the application process. Based on applications, we will invite chosen candidates to the first interview phase together with Laeti and another one of your future colleagues. After that, the selected candidates will receive a short assignment. We expect to make the final decision as soon as we have found the right candidates/ by the end of July.